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Humans & Consumption


Human creativity: Unconventional thinking “outside the box”

Insights: Our First Online Hackathon
The Product Page: The Be-All & End-All of E-Commerce
SHOP SYSTEM 101: Three Ways to Integrate Payment Methods into Your Online Shop
Homeoffice Tipps & Tools: How to Work from Home Efficiently and without Stress
Computer Generated Personality: Why CGI Influencers have no Authenticity Issues
PayPal Installments: Online Shopping is getting Even More Fun
Everything You Need to Know about TikTok
Customer service today: 7 golden rules for happier customers
Expert Talk – The recipe for good stories
Mister PayMan … Let the Magic happen!
Avoiding Fraud in Online Shops
Wirecard CEE Insights: Is There Life beyond Work?
Journey to Another World
May we introduce: Your new co-worker > Dog
Revolutionary allergy testing
Sales techniques
Green, greener, recycled cards
Shopsystem 101: What are shop extensions?
Small wardrobe = big success
Expert Talk – How to Defuse Conflict Situations in Your Company
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