Companies that are hard to reach lead to customer frustration and then to dissatisfaction with the brand. Organize your contact procedure as easily and smoothly as possible!


Wirecard CEE example:

Information about how to establish contact is a topical issue on any platform or website. The customer can reach Wirecard CEE via different channels (e-mail, telephone, live chat, etc.). Personal account managers offer a comprehensive service. They approach each customer individually and provide support during the implementation of the customer’s sales strategy. The support team is also available round the clock in case of technical questions or challenges.

New products and services have to be communicated accordingly, in other words clearly. Information and news about the company and its development can also become interesting content if they are packaged accordingly. Build trust and have the ropes shown to you so that customers can grow fond of your brand.


Wirecard CEE example:

News and updates on payment solutions and upcoming events are communicated openly via different communication channels. These can be newsletters, platforms such as GitHub, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and of course the company’s own website.

Customers want comprehensive advice, especially when it comes to sensitive topics such as finance, health or insurance. Do not rely on covering as many sectors as possible but rather specialize in a small niche market and build your expertise there.



Wirecard CEE example:

Wirecard CEE is part of the global Wirecard corporation and for many years has been scoring points on experience and international expertise. By specializing in shop plugins and shop integrations, which are developed and supported in-house, the company is considered by many parties as a reliable expert.