A brief summary of why customer ratings are so important and how to deal with negative or unfair ratings.



Actively go after customer reviews 

Customer ratings are not only just for generating growth for startups – more and more consumers listen to the experiences of other customers before they listen to advertising promises. Which is why, as an online shop operator, it’s important to actively generate reviews to bolster the quality of the products being offered with independent opinions.

Dealing with negative reviews

It’s better to deal with negative reviews by getting in touch with the customer in an objective and helpful manner rather than simply deleting the review. If a customer is helped in a prompt and competent way, in the best scenario, he or she will document this and edit the review. Don’t forget either that negative reviews are also an opportunity to find ways to improve products or services.

Caution, danger of confusion

Often a customer’s dissatisfaction simply ends up in the wrong channel. For instance, when a complaint is made about delayed delivery in a review, even though the merchandise was sent long ago. This customer shouldn’t be left high and dry. Information about where the shipment is should be provided even if it is the shipping service’s responsibility. Proactive solution: Send delivery messages – that way the customer knows that his package has already been sent and is on the way. Customers can track packages themselves with tracking numbers.

 Unfair reviews

Negative reviews are often caused by customers reading product descriptions incorrectly, or not at all, or using the product improperly. Here, too, try to argue objectively and, for example, suggest a more suitable product. It is also possible to comment publicly on intentionally false or offensive reviews – yet remain objective and helpful. In exceptional cases, the review can also be deleted, or a deletion requested.