Shop System - Wirecard CEETime for a new shop system: the reasons can be many. The current software is old and no longer updated. Or, requirements for functionalities have changed over time and are no longer supported by the current system.

When starting up an online business, a simple system may be tempting. But when sales increase and product assortment grows, retailers often have to change horses. When choosing a new shop system, first, all of the desired functionalities should be listed. Even the company’s future growth should be considered so that the system switch is as sustainable as possible. It is also important that the link to already existing or future third-party systems, such as ERP systems or payment interfaces, can be accounted for in the decision. Of course, the new shop system should also reflect operation and usability trends. It is frequently useful to find a partner with a core business of implementing online shops. Once a new system has been selected, it’s possible to look for service providers that have specialized in this system and can assist in the set up of the new shop as well as the migration of the data from the old one.

We have listed the advantages and disadvantages of some of the most important systems to help in selecting a shop system. The overview is constantly being updated and expanded: