Digital Trends – Talk to me

According to the latest survey, 70% of respondents would rather communicate with a chatbot than go to a local store or bank. 


Published in September, the survey “Smart Talk: How organizations and consumers are embracing voice and chat assistants,” from the Capgemini Research Institute, surveyed more than 12,000 consumers and 1,000 business people. From the consumer side, despite ongoing concerns about privacy, there is a clear trend. Increasing numbers of consumers can imagine using a voice assistant, or have already had experience with one.


The possibilities for using this voice assistant technology range from research and shopping to after-sales customer service and payment processes. Interactions with chat assistants are increasingly perceived as positive and voice assistant systems are being integrated into the ordinary lives of people. For instance, 56% of respondents welcome a personalized assistant and 53% even would like to give it a name.


The use of voice assistants is beneficial for companies as well. More than three-quarters indicated a verifiable added-value from using voice assistants and chatbots. For instance, 20-30% of customer inquiries can be resolved by digital assistants. But for more complex inquiries, “human” assistants are irreplaceable – now as before.


However, the need for businesses to take action is still present since fewer than half of the top 100 players are currently using voice assistants or chatbots.