E-Commerce Kalender 2019

Ready for 2019
E-commerce sales are predicted to increase by 21.5% this year. With proper planning, you can exploit the full potential of this sales channel!

Calender 2019 - Wirecard CEE

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  • January
    Planning and preparation
    The upcoming online promotions can be planned in detail and elaborated in January. In addition, sports and health products are popular items at the beginning of the year.
  • February
    February 14 | Valentine’s Day
    You can sweeten Valentine’s Day for your customers with customized special offers. Almost every fourth person is now purchasing their Valentine’s Day gift online.
  • March
    Spring arrives
    Winter is slowly saying goodbye. House and garden want to shine with fresh spring colors. Time for springtime decoration and garden items.
  • April
    April 21| Easter Sunday
    Funny gimmicks like online Easter egg hunts and prizes tempt visitors into your shop. Many also use the Easter holidays for planning vacations.
  • May
    May 12 | Mother’s Day
    In Austria, almost every fifth gift is now ordered online. Austrians spend an average of about €30 for a Mother’s Day gift. Mom is simply the best!
  • June
    Just say yes!
    Wedding season is from May to July. Not only decoration items, but also gifts for the bridal pair are purchased in higher volume this period.
  • July
    Summer, sun, sunshine
    Everyone wants to be out in the sun. Summer sales and products for the next barbecue, outdoor pool visit or vacation are well received now.
  • August
    Time to take a breath
    A lot of people make use of the nice weather by spending time outdoors – PCs and smartphones are used less except for posting vacation selfies.
  • September
    Back to school
    Austrians spend about €200 million on school items. And these are increasingly purchased online! The big shopping period starts 3 to 4 weeks before the start of school.
  • October
    October 31 | Halloween
    The first big US trend on the calendar. Costumes, decorations, candy – the creepier the better – are on top of the shopping list.
  • November
    November 29 | Black Friday
    By now, every merchant is familiar with the concept of Black Friday. Attractive sales with a running countdown can catapult your online sales to the sky!
  • December
    December 2 | Cyber Monday
    Cyber Monday is the name of the hottest phase of the year: Christmas shopping. 80% of Austrians shop for Christmas online.
    A no-go:  Delayed/late delivery!