The Slovakians are more enthusiastic online shoppers than their Polish, Hungarian or Czech neighbors. In fact, online retail is growing 15-20% annually there. In 2016, 56% of the population were buying online compared to the average of 55% in the 28 EU states.



  • € 195.00 average revenue per user
  • 13 million online shoppers
  • 56 purchased online during the past year
  • 42 million inhabitants
  • 82% use the Internet
  • € 612 mill. e-commerce revenue


Technical consumer goods are particularly popular for Internet orders. In 2015, 40% of goods in this class were purchased online in Slovakia, which ranked it second only behind the Czech Republic. Online shoppers from Slovakia are not averse to shopping abroad either – in 2015, 20% made online purchases from the EU-28 region. Buyers from other EU countries are also attracted to the Slovakian online shops, mainly because prices are frequently lower.

Why purchases are made online

For  Slovakians, price is often the decisive factor for buying online. The larger product range and convenience provided by e-commerce in general (no long distances, no opening hours, etc.) are also cited as decision-making criteria for online purchases. But, unlike in western European countries, fast shipping is enormously important for the Slovakian online shopper. Delivery should never take longer than three days. As far as payment goes, 48% still prefer to pay cash on delivery. 25% prefer bank transfer, and 13% use credit or debit cards.



To be successful on the Slovakian online market the following points are MUSTS:

  • The online shop must be accessible in Slovakian.
  • A webpage optimized for mobile devices is indispensable because many Slovakians do their online shop on their smartphones and/or tablets.
  • Short shipping is decisive for purchasing in Slovakia – no one is willing to wait longer than three days.