Google is at the top of search engines in Europe with a market share of 92.5%. But what about the rest of the pie?

When expanding marketing regions, a few other search engines and country-specific providers should be known besides Yandex and Mail.ru in Russia or the international DuckDuckGo with user-independent results.

BING – Attack on the Google monopoly
Microsoft’s Internet search engine is catching up fast and has multiplied its market share in several European countries. The reason is the standard settings in Windows 10 and the integration of YAHOO and AOL. Microsoft provides another incentive with its bonus program which offers users gift cards as a reward for collected points.

Seznam.cz – Czech Republic
The Czech Internet company provides almost 30 different services in addition to email addresses, domains, social networks and a search engine. About two-thirds of Czechs use Seznam. While Google is concentrated on conquering the world, the Czechs are focused on their home turf. Seznam knows its home market and preferences and uses these to its benefit.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s using ecosia.org trees to plant search queries or searching the backlink structure of websites using Majestic for SEO interested parties. In the long term, the recommendation is, just don’t obsess about Google.