Expert Talk – Managing Director at 14

Moritz Lechner - Freebiebox

Moritz Lechner has already fulfilled his dream of becoming self-employed at the age of 14. The young man from Vienna sells individual boxes with high-quality promotional freebies through his online shop


The managing director of Freebiebox talked to us about his daily life as an underage head of a company.



How did you get the idea of starting your own company at this age?

Moritz Lechner: I’ve been interested in business and startups for a long time, and when I was 12, I did an internship at a venture capital company. I got the idea of Freebiebox because I like to use high quality, useful promotional items myself, and because, often, they are handed out without thought to anybody on the street. Eventually the products don’t get into the hands of the right target group and end up in the garbage. That was the problem I wanted to solve.

Why should someone order a Freebiebox?

Moritz Lechner: Freebiebox is a surprise box full of all kinds of different promotional items. There’s a questionnaire on our website that allows us to make carefully targeted advertising for our advertising partners and, at the same time, to make custom Freebieboxes for our customers according to their interests. We have already attracted big advertising partners like Coca Cola, UNIQUA and Porsche to Freebiebox. Customers receive high quality, everyday products for up to 70% cheaper than in the store with Freebiebox and they get to be surprised because they don’t know exactly what products are going to be in their Freebiebox.

Did you struggle with prejudice in the business world because of your age?

Moritz Lechner: For the most part, I was taken seriously despite my age and I rarely felt I was being discriminated against. But there were occasions when people didn’t believe that it was really me who started Freebiebox and they didn’t take me seriously for that reason.

What were the biggest challenges you faced as the founder?

Moritz Lechner: As the founder, one of the biggest challenges was finding advertising partners for Freebiebox. It can be really difficult to get through to the right decision maker in a big company and make an appointment with them. There were also some legal issues because of my being a minor, which created difficulties.

What was the most successful, funniest or interesting moment with your customers or partner?

Moritz Lechner: It’s always cool when I get positive feedback from customers and hear that they love Freebiebox. A lot of people even send me an email as an extra thank you. It is also super cool that I was able to attract Porsche as an advertising partner for Freebiebox.

What is the best way for you to use your precious free time? What are your hobbies?

Moritz Lechner: I like to get together with friends and play soccer during my free time. That’s a good balance for me to work and it helps me clear my mind. Usually I’m available 24 hours a day and am always thinking about my company.

What doyour friends think about your self-employment?

Moritz Lechner: They don’t have a problem with it and they support me – for example, with social media marketing.

What are your plans for the future?

Moritz Lechner: I plan to expand Freebiebox and, first of all, go into the German market to sell there, and then, next step, into the European market. My goal is to have more than 1,000 Freebiebox subscribers and become the biggest subscription box in Europe.

Your tip for young entrepreneurs:

Moritz Lechner: “Just do it”–  just try things out, implement them and don’t think about it too long. In the end, you’ll notice very quickly whether an idea is working or not and can react.


Freebiebox was founded in 2017 and is the youngest startup to provide this form of the subscription box >