What role does the Internet play in the life of an 11-year old?

Where does she get her inspiration, what websites does she visit, and what could be improved on the Internet in her opinion?


We pursued these questions thoroughly and got some very interesting replies. An interview with Loreen, a internet user younger than 12 years. 


Hi, tell us something about yourself. Who are you and how old are you? Do you have any hobbies?

Loreen: Hi, my name is Loreen and I am eleven years old. I love to ride horses and play with my family.

We heard that you use the Internet. What do you use the Internet for, what do you like to do on it?

Loreen: I go on YouTube and use Google. I also listen to music on the Internet for dancing.

How often do you surf the Internet? Do you do it every day for several hours, or just, say, once a week?

Loreen: Three times a week for a long, long time. Our house has WiFi everywhere, it’s great. It should be available at the pool, in the cinema and restaurants. Especially in places that can be boring for me, like when adults are talking and there’s no other kids around.

What do you like about the Internet? What do you think is really exciting about it?

Loreen: I really like the videos that my favorite YouTubers upload. I also like to watch craft videos and game instructions. 

What do you not like about the Internet? What would you like to improve about it?

Loreen: I would add smells! It also bothers me that it can take forever for a site to load and pages to open.

Do you have any role models on the Internet, for example, on YouTube?

Loreen: I really like ViktoriaSarina, RayFox and Bibis Beauty Palace.

If you could invite someone from a movie, a TV series or from the Internet to have dinner with you, who would you invite?

Loreen: Bibi and Julian! 

Do you have any favorite sites on the Internet? Do you know any sites where you can also buy things online?

Loreen: YouTube, Amazon and Google are my favorite websites. I also like to download games on the Internet. You can buy stuff on Amazon, Wish and Willhaben.

How do you find gifts for your Christmas list? Do you look for things in advertising flyers, on the Internet, or in stores?

Loreen: That depends. Sometimes I look in the advertisements, and sometimes I look for pictures on the Internet and make a list of the words I searched. Otherwise, I might end up getting things that don’t look exactly like what I saw.

How and where do you find out about new products?

Loreen: Before I wish for something, I often look at it on the Internet or talk to friends about it. For example, on Bibis Beauty Palace on YouTube. That’s where I learned about the shower gel Bilou. I love it. 

What apps do you use (WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.)? Which ones do you like best and why?

Loreen: I like WhatsApp because I can chat with my family and friends. is called TikTok now and it’s also super cool because you can watch hilarious videos, imitate them, or make your own.

You found a product on the Internet that you would like to have. What do you do to get it?

Loreen: I wish it for something special, like my birthday. Last birthday I wished for a book that I saw on the Internet. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available in the store anymore, but since I got an Amazon gift card I could order the book there with my mom’s help.