Typical office stress: long day, telephone calls and emails by the minute and hardly any time for a decent meal.

There are small tricks that can beat hunger, get over your inner laziness, and do something good for your body!

Try our Superfood Muffin – easy and quick to make, ideal for in-between, yummy and healthy!





Here’s how:

  • Preheat a hot air oven to 190° C.
  • Stir all ingredients together in a large bowl.
  • Fill baking tins (or ovenproof silicone muffin tin) with the batter up to the rim.
  • Shove it into the oven! If you like it crumblier, let the muffins bake a full 10 minutes; if you like it doughier, 8 minutes in the oven is enough.


The muffins are great for taking to the office – they taste better and remain moist if you keep them in a container covered with a damp dishcloth.


Here’s what the muffin superfood has:

A balanced ratio of healthy fat, protein and carbs create a balanced nutrient supply – which helps you stay physically and mentally fit the whole day long with energy leftover at the end of the work day for sports or doing something with the family.