We live in a performance-oriented society – this goes without saying for the self-employed. Our working day is strictly organized. People work constantly to keep the business going and remain in the market. During free time, people plan the next steps and look at the competition. But one thing should not be forgotten: looking after yourself!

Being in a constant sitting position, unhealthy eating and irregular eating habits jeopardize your key assets: health and body. It is relatively easy to remain fit and flexible and have long-lasting health through short exercises that fit into the work routine. For every hour you spend sitting down, you should invest at least 5 minutes in revving up circulation by means of various motion sequences. Start by just pacing up and down the office, doing jumping jacks or the classic plank – an effective total body exercise that leads to cool results over a short period of time. Just try it out!

And this is how you do it:
Place yourself in th push-up position but don’t use your hands but your forearms for support.

Your body should form a straight line, with your head extending your spinal column.

Look downwards. While remaining in this position, tense your stomach and buttocks. Depending on your fitness level, remain in this position for 15 to 45 seconds and repeat as often as you can.