Stay Focused Even though desk work isn’t physically demanding, an unbelievable amount of work often needs to be accomplished.


There’s one to-do list after the other, a telephone call here, a meeting there, and on top of that, a co-worker needs help quick, and pretty soon it feels chaotic.


To stay mentally balanced, it’s good to take short breaks, relax and actively remove stress. For example, with this easy breathing exercise!



Here’s how:

  • Get into a relaxed position, for instance, lying down or sitting, or even in an office chair!
  • Listen inside yourself for a moment: In stressful situations, we tend to breathe shallowly and quickly, neck and shoulders tense.


Breathing exercise is good for:

  • Concentrating on your breath focuses the body and mind on the here and now. After the exercise, you’ll breathe deeper and more slowly – your heart beat and pulse slow down. You’re ready to go again for the next challenge that comes your way.