Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All the Way!

It’s already time for online retailers to prepare for the Christmas shopping season so that not only Christmas bells are ringing but cash registers as well.

Kling Glöckchen klingelingeling

By planning well ahead of time for the Christmas shopping season, the strongest sales period of the year can yield the most. Landing pages should have a Christmas theme as well as a selection of the top Christmas sellers. To stand out from the crowd, consider things like a couple of good sales or try some unusual advertising ideas. Discounts and coupons also help generate more online sales. But retailers need to remember to include a suitable strategy for dispersing the rebates, for example, over social media or special coupon portals.


Catch the late-deciders as well

As surprising as it may seem, every year there are those who are surprised that Christmas falls on December 24. While last-minute shoppers used to crowd pedestrian shopping zones in cities, they now research the e-commerce landscape for inexpensive express shipping that guarantees deliver before Christmas. Whoever offers such a service shortly before the holidays is at the head of the pack. Of course, payment in the online shop needs to be quickly processed as well. Payments using prepayment won’t be enough a few days before Christmas Eve and will more likely cause disappointment under the Christmas tree.


A little tip:

Many payment service providers are already have inexpensive offers to online retailers so that everything goes smoothly for the holidays. The sales team at Wirecard CEE can gladly give you info about it.