Hoefler MühleDoes the green of Styria owe its colorful nickname in part to the dark green of its pumpkin seeds? Fact is: Nowhere else has this high-quality product been used for such a comprehensive variety of menus.

Pumpkin nibbles or pesto, pumpkin nougat or liqueur and don’t forget the famous pumpkin seed oil – there are no limits to the culinary imagination. One company that has been dedicated to this Styrian specialty for years is Höfler Ölmühle.Here, the pumpkin seed harvest from regional farmers is processed into very different delicacies, all of which can be purchased in the farm shop as well as at www.hoefleroel.at.

“Many visitors to our Heimat-GenussLaden in Kaindorf are happy to take a piece of Styria home with them. And once they are home, they don’t want to do without that seedy pleasure anymore, so they order seed oil, chocolate or pesto in our online shop,” says Christoph Höfler, who is responsible for marketing and sales at Höfler Ölmühle, and pleased with the additional income and satisfied customers.

Once the pumpkin seed fan has filled the online shopping cart with delicious specialties, payment is completed in just a few clicks. The Wirecard CEE solution allows them to pay easily, securely and immediately by credit card.