Mister PayMan! … and the feast of love!

Hot summer days have slowly changed into the short days of fall and soon, the very first Christmas carols will be playing on the radio. The anticipation for Christmas grows day by day. The scent of gingerbread begins to waft through the air, the first snow falls, and the citizens of Legal City finally begin their Christmas shopping for friends and family.


Meanwhile, however, for the repugnant Mister Fraud, things are growing more detestable by the day. He hates the thought of children’s eyes shining around the Christmas tree and families happily gathered together. He has decided that this is the year he will make the Christmas season a nightmare for every single inhabitant of the city! All those gifts being purchased online, a number that increases year by year, are exactly what he needs to ruin things. So many online merchants grossly underestimate the value of security in their online shops. Especially when it comes to payment: The need for professional solutions frequently escapes them, making it child’s play for a scoundrel like Mister Fraud to break into the security gaps in their shops and steal sensitive data and payment information. Which is why Mister Fraud has made it his mission, to stop all Christmas gifts from reaching their buyers this year. And there’s more! He plans to atomize all of the airline reservations for families going home for the holidays. He wants sadness and suffering to spread across the land so that no one can have a happy Christmas.


But he’s forgotten one small detail: Mister PayMan! Mister PayMan is already armed for the busiest time of the year in online retail. Everywhere he finds gaps in security for payment processing, he informs the merchants, and he alarms consumers about what to watch out for when they shop online. The evil Mister Fraud will be blindsided. The presents will all be delivered in time and under the Christmas tree so that all of the families can joyously celebrate.


And maybe some year, even Mister PayMan will have a chance to celebrate the holidays with his parents again. But until then, he has a lot on his hands to keep the devious Mister Fraud from executing his next dastardly deed.