What do you really have on the breakfast table? ZAGLER MÜSLIBÄR is surely the right thing for people who like crunchy muesli bars and appreciate high-quality ingredients and local products.


In Austria’s first organic muesli company, in Braunau am Inn, the air is filled with the tempting aroma of honey, grain, fruits, nuts and spices.  The premium mueslis are mixed fresh daily with a lot of care, manual labor and love using high-quality ingredients.

As recently as the beginning of February this year has Florian Zagler, B.A., managing director and owner, decided to combine the online, offline and mobile distribution channels. The online payment solution of Wirecard CEE offered the most convincing advantages to Müslibär: all-around service, quick execution and extensive experience in e-commerce.

The union of stationary retail outlet and online shop is seen as an opportunity. Consumers can very easily order the crunchy mueslis at and enjoy them everywhere within 48 hours.

“Personally I think that our offline sales will automatically increase as well because of our online shop. Having a mature multi-channel strategy is mandatory in 2018. Online and offline complement and push against each other”,

explains Zagler. The hot topics for the muesli company in 2018 are the ongoing optimization of the shop for mobile devices and a multi-channel strategy.