5 options for distinguishing your online shop from your competitors


Attractive product pictures are long-time standards. Boring product descriptions can make a user leave a website faster than an online retailer would like. Detailed and high-resolution photos are expected by customers and are no longer a reason to prefer one online shop from another.


Users expect more – A LOT more! They want to be entertained and also informed about the topic and be inspired. A well-thought out user experience is the keyword here, and you should put it in bold caps for your next content strategy planning meeting. Here are 5 inspiring examples from practice to help you get started making your plans right away.


Option 1: Product videos

ASOS shows how to make the online purchase of clothing really “accessible” and uses videos in addition to the usual photos. This way, the user can imagine in detail how the clothing item will fit and look when worn.

Option 2: User-generated content

Users do not want to see boring runway models posing for perfectly set products. Reality and authenticity are the buzz words here that “erlich Textil” is using to show how its clothing looks on real customers. Customer photos are loaded on Instagram with the hashtag #seierlich and then appear on the company’s website where the items can be directly bought. Combined with contests and giveaways, this option for generating content is a powerful tool for increasing sales.

Option 3: Virtual fitting rooms

Some products might not seem suitable for online sales at first glance because customers want to try them on. Eyeglasses are a product that come with a higher inhibition threshold. Mister Spex has integrated an online try-on solution in its website. Users can upload their own photo or use a webcam to try on various styles of eyeglasses.

Option 4: Well-informed content

Kayla Itsines sells e-books for special workouts and nutritional plans worldwide.  She also offers content on fitness education, healthy recipes and supplemental exercises on her website as well as before-and-after success stories from her satisfied customers. Her website offers everything you need to know when you start with a training program. Users are comprehensively informed and always come back to her website.

Option 5: Online product planner

IKEA offers its customers virtual planners in a variety of categories. This fascinating option allows users to creatively design their own home. At the end, customers receive a shopping list of all of the necessary items. They can then pick these up themselves in a store or have them delivered directly to their home.