Nowadays bills are often sent electronically. However, many entrepreneurs do not know they can also offer payment via link.

Payment in the form of a transfer often still has to be carried out manually by the consumer. However, in the digital age these manual processes have long since become unnecessary. The reason is that there is no longer any obstacle to paying a bill, already existing in digital form, automatically via the Internet.

Wirecard CEE can offer these options to its merchants, for example, via a link to the PDF bill. The consumer can start the payment process directly via desktop or smartphone.



  • Modern, fully digital process
  • Security-certified payments via the Internet at whatever time and location
  • No integration costs – immediately applicable
  • Payments by credit card (Visa, Mastercard) or online banking (eps-Überweisung) possible – optimal for Austrian consumers
  • Modern and cost-effective alternative to standing orders