Shop systems 101: Self hosted vs. Cloud-based Shop System

Whoever wants to sell online, needs to ask themselves sooner or later: Should I use a completely independently managed shop system or a cloud-based system? Both options have advantages and disadvantages. The choice depends on the business requirements, technical capabilities and expectations for the online shop as well as the available budget. You can find some pro’s and con’s here to help you make the decision.


Self-hosted shop system

If you want to host your online shop yourself with the help of your marketing agency or integration partner, consider the following points:



  • It gives you the highest degree of flexibility and innumerable options for creating an outstanding and individual customer experience. You decide about all of the functionalities, technologies, process flows, design, user friendliness and much more.
  • You can link your online shop with any back office system – including fulfillment, accounting, factoring, warehouse management, social media, marketing, etc.



  • The freedom of designing it yourself also demands a lot of time, knowledge and money to achieve lasting outstanding results.
  • You need to configure, maintain, update and improve the system all yourself. That includes security updates from your webserver, your database and your shop system.


Cloud-based shop system

Do you want to concentrate on your core competencies without having to deal with the technical details? Then a cloud-based shop system could be optimal for you.



  • You can jump right into e-commerce easily and inexpensively.
  • Updates, troubleshooting, hardware, compliance laws and much more are all done by the shop system.
  • As soon as you register, you can set up your online shop, add products and get started with selling.



  • You are dependent on the functionalities, qualities and availability of the shop system. If, for example, the shop system is offline, you cannot conduct business.
  • Often, there are only small modifications of colors, fonts and layouts available for your online shop.
  • Also, pay attention to the terms and conditions: Sometimes you consent automatically to having your own product images and descriptions used by others.