Work should be fun … Motivated employees perform better … A positive work atmosphere contributes to the well-being of employees at … That’s all fine! But where should the fun stop? Do employees take their jobs too lightly at some point if they are having too much fun?

PRO: Not taking work so seriously certainly makes life easier. Co-workers who are extremely serious and with whom only work issues can be discussed can seem strange. Laughing together strengthens a feeling of community and reduces stress. And employees appreciate it when management can understand a little joke and they identify better with the company. Humor also helps change perspectives at work.

CON Humor is when one laughs in spite of things. Even if the nice co-worker or superior tells a bad joke? Fake laughter can be a means of getting approval. There are many bosses who seem to need to use modest humor and gain respect through jokes that can come across as offensive. Limits need to be set with and among co-workers as well. Whoever has to tell jokes all day long stops being taken seriously at some point.