Sustainability and Regionalism in E-Commerce

Topics such as sustainability and regionalism are increasingly popular. E-fueling stations are popping up like mushrooms, hobby gardeners are turning their passion into profession, and recycling finally seems to have reached a broad majority.


This trend is reflected in e-commerce. More and more business ideas are emerging around the topic of sustainability. But unfortunately, these business ideas often don’t develop fast enough. Many businesses also have to close because customers are easily lured away by cheap foreign alternatives. They do not realize the long-term importance of putting value on local or national quality. By buying regional products and services, we strengthen our own economy, create jobs, and prevent wasting valuable raw materials.


Buying cheaply is like buying twice

Cheaper products are usually not even comparable in regard to quality with more expensive versions. With planned obsolesce, service life is often shorter and buying a new one in a short amount of time guaranteed. It is up to us – we can now set a different course by adapting our consumer behavior, both online and offline, as an example to benefit ourselves and future generations.


This topic is important to Wirecard as well. We support both start-ups and established online shops in our Online Shopping Center, thus making an important contribution to the sustainability of local businesses.