Imagine you get up in the morning and the light automatically goes on, the shade opens and fresh coffee starts to brew in the kitchen. Sounds like music of the future – but it can be a reality today.


homee – a flexibly expandable product from Energie Steiermark – lets you become a smart energy manager for your home in a matter of seconds. With the right Smart Home solution, you can intelligently connect your devices and increase efficiency. homee communicates wirelessly and can be installed in minutes. With its app, you can be completely informed while away and control your Smart Home from a distance. For example, if a storm is brewing, you can roll up the awning and close the windows while still at the office.

The Smart Home solution, homee, along with other products from Energie Steiermark, is exclusively available in the online shop at The company also sells its products well beyond the borders of Austria. Which meant that it was important is to find a payment method that could handle the requirements.

“Our website and online shop are already showing a lot of traffic from mobile devices. We took this into account when we selected a payment method that would automatically adjust to any end device,” says Stefan Leitner, product manager for Energie Steiermark’s Smart Home sector. By using Wirecard Checkout

Seamless, an optimal usability was ensured for the customer. The payment itself is seamlessly structured into the order process, whether it’s being done on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.