Three words say it all: Austria eXtreme Triathlon. For those interested in more facts, perhaps these will impress you:  triathletes have over 5,800 meters to cover, involving 3.8 km of swimming, 186 km of cycling and 44 km of long-distance running. And if that’s not shocking enough, you are the perfect candidate and should register on as fast as possible!

The 4th Austria eXtreme Triathlon begins June 23, 2018 south of Graz. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. “Athletes from all over the world participate in our event, so our website needs to have a decent payment system. Wirecard CEE gives us the option to accept online payments securely and easily,” explains Maria Schwarz, President of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon Association, who chose the payment system.

The number of participants is limited – only a small portion of the 125 starters make it to the end. The triathlon starts with swimming in the Mur, almost half of it going upstream. Then, it’s onto the cycle and over Gaberl, into Lachtal and as far as Sölksperre. Then, there’s “only” another 44 km to run. Participants work in the direction of the goal step-by-step and check-point by check-point. The route runs clear through the breathtaking Steiermark countryside. Every athlete is supported by a personal assistant who is allowed to carry equipment and food and drink. Both have to cross the finish line. And with that, one of the most difficult endurance races of Austria, if not worldwide, will have been achieved.

Company: Austria eXtreme Triathlon
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