… there’s a new social media trend coming from somewhere. This year, live streaming over social media is considered one of the most promising.


Ever since the successful debut of Twitter’s Periscope, more and more platforms are developing their own options for posting original live content. The giant, Facebook, implemented a similar option only for Facebook Mentions at first, but then, because of its broad success, made it available for private profiles as well. At the beginning of this year, Instagram, Facebook’s subsidiary, followed suit with its own feature: Live Stories.

What makes this trend so interesting? For one, the interactivity. Communicating directly with a company or brand, giving feedback and feeling like the contact is somehow personal are the elements that makes this trend popular.

Businesses often have the opinion that their own target group isn’t hanging out on the relevant platforms anyways. But be careful: Time keeps moving, and followers age with it. That means that many adults are also using platforms like Instagram now. If you forget that, you will get left behind sooner or later.

What are the possibilities for using live streaming?

First, try to determine what platforms your target group actively uses. For many companies, live transmission of events has worked well up until now. It allows followers to be involved in live moments that they would have missed otherwise. Such transmissions can be things like webinars or professional conferences and don’t always need to be entertainment. Interaction over live video can also be increased by transmitting Q&A rounds or presenting brand-new products for the first time. Another interesting idea for motivating followers to watch is to include influencers in live content.

Try multiple, consecutive live broadcasts, a weekly series, or even ask your audience what in particular they would like to see next.